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Crossfire Mustang 250 Evo3

Mustang 250 Evo3 is Evo2 on steroids.

We remove the 2 Valve power plant out of the Mustang and drop in a  Double overhead Cam 4 valve beast. We than jet the carburettor accordingly. To handle the power the steel pressed rims are replaced with precision cast aluminum rims.

The MY21 Mustang 250 Evo3 is building on the decade long history of punching above it weight class in respect to Power, chassis and rider ergonomics.

The updated Mustang is now more refined than ever with the main focus on chassis development which involved tackling the limitation of the front end by adding fully adjustable  ball joints to both the top and the bottom A-ARM.

The Adjustable ball joints add an almost endless flexibility in the camber set up. The last change to chassis was taking the  fabric net nurf bars and  replacing them with the solid reinforced foot boards.

We than focused on the  power delivery and this led us to changing the carburetor design and customizing  the jetting to better suit the individual characteristics of the Crossfire DOHC 4 Valve 250cc power house.

MY21 Mustang 250 Evo3 has been reinforced, redesigned and enhanced. This has been done by reinforcing all mounting points where shock absorbers connect to frame and A-Arms as well as swing arm. This bracing stops metal fatigue and provides a stronger more rigid frame. The new MY21 is lighter yet stronger than the model it replaces. The chassis has been condensed to improve handling and give the Crossfire Mustang the stance and stability through corners.

Hydraulic disc brakes all round are standard. The speedometer is one of the most comprehensive units fitted with: Speed, Odometer, Distance, Gear Position indicator, as well as LED for Neutral and Reverse. This gives the rider all required information at a touch of a finger tip. The automatic chain tensioner will ensure you ride days or week before adjusting of the chain is required. When one has to adjust the chain the ecliptic chain tensioning system guarantees the sprockets are in perfect alignment.

Under the seat some of the craftsmanship starts to become more apparent. With sealed battery box housing some of the vital electrics keeping it clean and water tight. The new battery is an AGM gel battery so no matter the abuse there are no leaks. Continuing under the seat is the large sealed air box with a quick release wing nut that holds the air filter. The foam filter is quick to access clean, re-oil and then reinsert.

In so the Mustang is more ridable , more adjustable in Short more refined than ever before. If you are looking for a Mid size sports quad you can afford not to Have a look at the Mustang 250 Evo3.