E5 Electric UTV

Whisper quiet, zero emissions and solid range. These are the key benefits that give the Crossfire E5 side by side UTV a wide range of uses – from maintenance of golf courses, parks and urban greenery through to work around animals and livestock gardens to unrestricted access to warehouses, factory halls, industrial premises and enclosed spaces.

The Crossfire E5 removes many of the limitations of traditional petrol and diesel powerplants that create noise and fumes. The rear wheel drive E5 has a lockable rear differential for when maximum traction is required you can unlock the rear differential (Turf Mode) for maximum manoeuvrability and being gentle on your lawns when needed.

The Crossfire E-5 can handle a hard day’s work. And there is no noise, no exhaust gases, and it is much less costly than UTV with the engine to service and upkeep.

The Crossfire E-5 will surprise you with a low operating cost: it does not need gasoline, diesel or gas, no engine oil and filter changes, and it is as robust as any other UTV. The easy-to-use chassis ensures a safe and stable ride and it features a large tilting tray for load carrying.

And then there’s the equipment:
The Crossfire E5 features a full-frontal windscreen, plastic roof, front nudge bar, side half doors, head restraints and attractive cast aluminium wheels.

Silent electric motor

The electric motor is virtually silent and produces no exhaust. Therefore, you can use it not only on farms, huts and gardens, but also in halls and enclosed spaces. Electric motors have other advantages over combustion engines: the combustion engine requires high torque to achieve power and torque, but with an electric motor, you have the maximum torque available from zero rpm, which you will appreciate when starting off into a hill. The electric motor works with up to 95% efficiency, has lower operating costs and is not sensitive to temperature or altitude changes, so do not worry that you will not start up in the winter.

Robust Battery

The Crossfire E5 uses one of the most robust batteries on the market, a professional deep cycle gel performance traction battery. The greatest advantage of these Gel traction batteries, however, is their excellent cyclic resistance. Traction batteries are designed in such a way that they do not mind long-lasting repeated deep discharge, unlike conventional starter batteries, which have a high cyclical load with repeated charging and discharging. Professional deep cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free.

Durable chassis

Good ground clearance and excellent stability ensure a wide, easy-to-use chassis with high-quality tires, large suspension holes and a low centre of gravity. All wheels are independent and cushioned with high-quality hydraulic shock absorbers. With rear silencers, spring stiffness can be adjusted.

Folding multipurpose body

The spacious steel tray will mean you will be load with everything you need with ease. Thanks to the practical folding rear and easy tilting with gas struts.

All control at hand

The steering wheel and all other controls are well-arranged and ergonomically arranged, everything is within reach and exactly where you intuitively expect it, the controls will naturally fall into your hand. This greatly facilitates work, driving attention is nothing distracting, and you are constantly in control of the machine.

Effective hydraulic brakes

Disc brakes with high braking power on all four wheels reliably stop the machine even with a heavy load or a fully loaded trailer. With progressive onset of action, braking is sensitive and predictable.

Standard equipment

Crossfire E5 offers a huge range of extras included in the basic price. This includes cast aluminium alloys, a sturdy UV-resistant plastic roof, full-face front windscreen, LED front and rear tail lamps, massive front panel, side door, passenger handles, robust variable tipping steel body with gas-lift struts, mirrors, rear-view mirrors and towing hitch.

Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) policy Being adopted by many councils around Australia. The stated objectives of the ZEV policy are to:

  1. Ensure the transport requirements of Council operations are met in the most efficient, transparent, and equitable manner with the lowest possible environmental footprint.
  2. Respond to ever increasing evidence and global concern of the impact of vehicle emissions on human and environmental health. To continue Council’s commitment to addressing climate change and reducing local airborne emission through the purchase and operation of low emission vehicles for the light vehicle fleet, with a view to transitioning to zero emissions vehicles consistent with corporate and community ‘zero carbon’ commitments.